Radzen numeric : getting null value with dot separator


I have a problem with separator in Radzen Numeric. With coma separator, it is working well and i am getting the correct value but, when I use dot separator, I just get "null" value so, I am unable to get the value entered by the user to correct it.
Is there a way to prevent the user from using dot separator or to get the value entered to correct it ?

Here is my code.

 <RadzenNumeric Format="0.00" Value="@saisieDeclaration.Mars" ShowUpDown="false"  Name="Mars" TValue="decimal?" Change=@(args => OnChange_Declaration(args, "Nullable numeric")) />
<RadzenNumeric Format="0.00" @bind-Value="saisieDeclaration.Avril" ShowUpDown="false"  Name="Avril" TValue="decimal?" Change="@OnChange_Declaration"/>

Thank you for your help.


Elisa .

Hi @Elisa,

RadzenNumeric decimal separator depends on application culture. For InvariantCulture (like our demos by default) decimal separator is dot (.),

for de-DE culture (uncomment the code in our demos to try it) decimal separator is comma:

Thank you for the answer. Finally, changing the culture at the component level solved the problem.

   <RadzenNumeric Culture="@(System.Globalization.CultureInfo.GetCultureInfo("de-DE"))" @bind-Value="saisieDeclaration.Janvier" ShowUpDown="false" Name="Janvier" TValue="decimal?" Change="@OnChange_Declaration"/>

Elisa .