Radzen Multiselect Dropdown

Hello Everyone,

I am new for using radzen control. i am having an issue related to radzen dropdown multiselect. But issue that i am facing is i am unable to search any text from multiselect dropdown. becuase it's showing in disabled form. i am using this control in modal popup.. sometime it's allow me to search an sometime it disabled. i could not understand what's the issue? Here is my updated code please help me to fix this issue.

                        <RadzenText TextStyle="TextStyle.Subtitle2" TagName="TagName.H3">State</RadzenText>
                        <RadzenDropDown Placeholder="Please Select State" AllowFiltering="true" Multiple="true" FilterCaseSensitivity="FilterCaseSensitivity.CaseInsensitive" Data="@StateList" 
                                    TValue="IEnumerable<string>" TextProperty="Name" ValueProperty="StateCode" Class="w-100" id="" />

is this Radzen dialog or something different?

it is somthing different popup

It might be related the problems you report, try without it.

sometime it's work fine. when i close the popup and re-open again. i can't search field will disabled