Radzen Grid - All rows editable

I have yet to come across an example of how I can make the Radzen Grid rows to all always be in edit mode. Currently creating an order entry/tracking system with Blazor (my first app) using the Radzen Blazor components to replace another less efficient system. I am hoping to essentially create an empty "detail row" in the grid, and as the user tabs through and fills out the line, when they reach the end of the line, a new editable row will be created and their cursor will advance to that new row.

In addition, if someone goes back to modify/correct some issues, it is preferred that the rows are already in edit mode and that they wouldn't have to click "edit" and "save" for each row each time.

Is there an easy way to do this? If I just used for the row with editable controls would that work? Or should I use the for each row and somehow set all of the rows to editable?

Thank you for any help in advance. I really enjoy using these controls.

Hey @Dimitri_Rodis,

Check this thread for more info:
DataGridEditMode Multiple

I did see your reply the other day but sitting down in front of my code I don't really feel like the thread referenced really definitively answers my question or maybe I am just misunderstanding. How should I set the DataEditGridMode? (I assume multiple?) Are you saying to just use the RowRender event in emdear's post to achieve what I'm looking for?

protected void RowRender(RowRenderEventArgs args)

I also see an initial response of:

Hi @emdear,
While putting multiple rows in edit mode is possible indeed saving them at once is not possible.