Radzen DataGrid Display Column

I have a data grid and there is a Cost Ratio value that I want to show as a percentage but I want to do operations as a double value. Unfortunately, I can't think of a solution. Hope you can help.

display %15
transactions will be 0,15

<RadzenDataGridColumn TItem="OrderDetail" Property="CostRatio" Title="Cost Ratio">
                                <EditTemplate Context="orderDetail">
                                    <RadzenNumeric TValue="double" Min="1" @bind-Value="orderDetail.CostRatio" Style="width: 100%; display: block" Name="CostRatio"/>
                                    <RadzenRequiredValidator Text="Cost Ratio is required" Component="CostRatio" Popup="true" Style="position: absolute"/>

You can set column FormatString to {0:P}

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fast and accurate support as always, thank you @enchev