Radzen css

Hi, is there somewhere I can all of your css stylings, including the settings of each one?

Also, on the Tab tag, s it possible to override the Tab title uppercase setting?


Hi @SolutionJ,

The styles are available in the components' GitHub repo.
Some of the styles (mostly related to sizing) are not exposed in Radzen Blazor Studio theme editor (Appearance tab) to prevent unintentional changes that might lead to e.g. broken layouts, and to keep the theme's design language consistent.

Thanks, so I cannot make the title of a tab say, for example, Orders rather than ORDERS?

Why do you want that though? The Material design guidelines require tabs text to be in caps. If you don't want that you should reconsider your theme choice - most other themes do not capitalize the tab text.

Still you can do that even in the Material theme

<RadzenTabs style="--rz-tabs-tab-text-transform: none">

Understood, thanks for the advice.