Radzen crashes on Deploy

Hello Radzen Team!

Radzen is unable to deploy to a folder, crashes and generates an empty .zip file.


What's the command line that Radzen executes to deploy the solution?

I've tried some variations but all result in this error:

UPDATE1: I'm building a Blazor Server-side app.

UPDATE2: I managed to deploy the .csproj alone, which works for me. No need for a fix then.

Hi @kim,

Do you see any errors in Radzen's Output when you execute Deploy to ZIP? The deploy does the following more or less:

  1. Runs dotnet publish -C Release in the server directory of the application
  2. Packages the contents of the server\bin\Release\netcoreapp3.1\publish directory

I don't see any errors in the output window until it crashes and the app closes itself.

I'd like to close this issue, because I found a solution already.

The cause might be related to references from outside of the solution.