Radzen Button Disabled Not Updating when used in Dialog

I'm running into a very strange issue where the Disabled binding of the RadzenButton is not updating when being used in a dialog. I can't figure out why the property is not updating. When I remove the definition from the dialog RenderTemplate and add it to the immediate form the Disabled binding works. Any thoughts on what could be causing this? Thanks.

There is no such template in our dialog:

Sorry I mistyped RenderFragement. When using this method

public void Open(string title, RenderFragment<DialogService> childContent, DialogOptions options = null)

To open a dialog. If the render fragement references variables in the parent control it appears the dialog never gets rendered with updates from those variables. Its like the dialog is completely disconnected from the parents render hierarchy. Is there any way to trigger an update on the dialog?

Yes, there is:

Ok calling refresh does not seem to have any effect on the functionality. My buttons remain disabled after calling refresh on the dialog service from the parent form. I'll try and create a simple repro and open a github issue.

Just posted an issue on github with a repro. Thanks for in advance for taking a look at this.

Hey @groogiam,

Maybe you can directly attach Radzen.Blazor project to your as reference and debug the problem. Debugging customers project is part of our paid professional services.