Radzen Blazor Studio

Do you have any estimate for when Radzen Blazor Studio is likely to be final released?

Am looking at a project coming up and would be great to at least have some idea of release even if it's just a rough estimate at this stage

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Hi @kirank,

We plan to roll new features out as they are ready. We don't have an exact estimate for the RTM release but we expect a version with some scaffolding support (database + CRUD pages) to be out in a couple of months if not earlier. Sorry for not being more specific.

The good thing about Radzen Blazor Studio is that you can start a project without it and start using it later (unlike Radzen 2.x).

Thank you.

After database + CRUD is released, what other features are you expecting to have done before you RTM?

@kirank I think you could check this site for mor info:

The CRUD+database are the very next major new features we plan to release. After that we will probably work on security, deployment and theme builder.