Radzen Blazor Studio

Do you have any estimate for when Radzen Blazor Studio is likely to be final released?

Am looking at a project coming up and would be great to at least have some idea of release even if it's just a rough estimate at this stage

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Hi @kirank,

We plan to roll new features out as they are ready. We don't have an exact estimate for the RTM release but we expect a version with some scaffolding support (database + CRUD pages) to be out in a couple of months if not earlier. Sorry for not being more specific.

The good thing about Radzen Blazor Studio is that you can start a project without it and start using it later (unlike Radzen 2.x).

Thank you.

After database + CRUD is released, what other features are you expecting to have done before you RTM?

@kirank I think you could check this site for mor info:

The CRUD+database are the very next major new features we plan to release. After that we will probably work on security, deployment and theme builder.

Any updates to share.. it's been a couple months?

We have released a new major release - the alpha: Radzen Blazor Studio Alpha released - #2

Hello radzen team,
RBS is great!
An indispensable feature from the roadmap for me before getting started to use it in production is

  • Add security to a Blazor application (ASP.NET Core Identity, Windows, Active Directory and Azure AD).

you have any hints when this feature will be released?

Kind Regards

Hi @Thomas,

We will release update this week with ASP.NET Security included!

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Great News!
I am very excited!

Thx @enchev

Is the beta feature complete or are there features still to be added?

Is the next release the final release or are you expecting more beta releases?

The beta is not feature complete. Some notable things that are missing are:

  • Deployment
  • Localization (working on that ATM)
  • Theme Builder
  • Multitenancy
  • Azure AD, Windows authentication

We will definitely have a release candidate build before the final release.