Radzen Blazor Studio suggestion

Hello Lads, absolutely love Radzen Blazor Studio, I think its amazing!

One thing that kind of bugs me though is the graphical methods display when in design or split mode. For me, navigating to view different parts of the display seems much more natural with the mouse wheel. The current implementation using the wheel causes the display to resize.

This is most bothersome to me in split mode as sometimes resizing causes the graphical items to disappear as they're resized out of view causing one to have to find them. And, this seems a little discoordinated with the bottom part of the split still using the mouse wheel to scroll.

I guess one option would be to have the page automatically recenter after a mouse wheel resize, but I could see this causing other issues.

Ideally for me, the mouse wheel should scroll the page vertically. Also, throw up a slider to resize in the menu bar and a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom.

Just something to consider. Thanks,


Hi @SloSuenos,

Thank you for your elaborate feedback on this! We discussed it and agreed the current implementation is inconsistent and can be improved / changed. In some of the next releases of RBS we will remove the zoom on scroll feature and add a normal scrollbar. The zoom will be available via other UI means.

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