Radzen 2.80.1 Layout is broken

Hello radzen team,
after updatein from 2.79.8 to 2.80.1 (and 2.80.0 before) many Layouts are broken.


Whats going wrong? Please help!


We have updated the themes in Radzen.Blazor 4.0. The layout is broken because of the orange button in the header. Can you tell us what the settings of that button are? Also are you using a custom theme? Did you regenerate it after opening the application in Radzen?

i was in settings/custom theme then Ok & then save

The button has this style: (left side 2.80.1 right 2.79.1

My style.css:
styles.zip (3.1 KB)

You can try setting the button size to small and assigning text-transform none as style custom attribute:

What is in the button Template?

I dont know exactly what do want to see from the template...

Should i send you the project?


Try setting the properties I mentioned in my previous reply. They should make a button in the header look like this:

You can send us your project but we can't run it without a database. Still we can make something out of it. Just be sure its size is below 10MB otherwise our email server will reject it. Alternatively upload it to some cloud storage service and share a link to it over email.

There are many more layouts broken.
perhaps i should go back to version 2.79.8.
can i download it somewhere?

after setting the properties it look like this:

You can download any version from here. Just make sure to disable automatic updates afterwards.

Your button seems to have width set though and this is why it wraps (or its parent is too narrow).

Anyway if you send us your application we could try running it and see if we could fix the layout problems.

i sent you the project.
if i can do anything let me know!

Thank you for help!