Question: NodeJS

Are you planning, in the near/distant future, to add NodeJS backend?

I have been using Radzen for like 1 week and a half, and it amazes me how nice it is and how easy to use it is, you guys are amazing for making it happen!


Hi Dragos,

Thank you for the nice words! We do appreciate it.

Adding NodeJS backend support will probably happen in the distant future.

Best regards!

I'm glad to see there are no immediate plans to support NodeJS... :grinning:

From a business perspective, it adds no value... because it has nothing "new" to offer... .NET Core is "fully featured" and cross platform...

Adding NodeJS to Radzen would simply be yet another way to do the same thing on all of the platforms.

My biggest concern is Radzen "supporting" NodeJS and taking precious resources away from making improvements.

In the end, most of the tools I've seen that initially supported multiple programming languages or frameworks ended up only supporting one... simply because the "new" expenses were far greater than the "new" revenue.

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