Query Performance / Best Practice

A typical task for a Radzen Blazor application is do have a details dialog (e.g. "Edit Order") with several fields where some fields are a foreign key related to a different table. The preferred way here is to have a dropdown control from where the user can select the desired entity (e.g. a "Customer" dropdown box in the above stated "Edit Order" dialog).

Who this is done is shown multiple times in the demo apps and also in scaffolded apps, where Radzen detects these FK relationships.

What I wonder now is how this setup behaves in case of large amounts of data. Imagine a DB having 100.000 customers. Now, when "Edit Order" dialog is opened, I would expect that all 100.000 customers will be loaded to show an item in the dropdown box for each customer. Does this actually happen or is there some kind of virtualization integrated that prevents the entire list of customers from being loaded just when the "Editor Order" dialog is shown? If not, how can this be done using Radzen?

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You can use in such cases "Allow paging, sorting and filtering of lookup data" in Radzen. This will generate pages with lookups using DropDownDataGrid in order to not load all lookup data but page them.