PWA reload page after logon

Hi, My PWA app has a link on the home page that takes you to the standard login page. Login happens and we get redirected to the home page has expected. However, I assume because of harsh caching, the user does not appear to be logged in until they manually refresh the page. Any ideas on a simple fix to force the page to reload? Or maybe I am looking down the wrong path, let me know if am missing the obvious.

Hi @simon,

Try to clear your browser cache. There is also application cache that can be cleared using your browser developer tools application tab.

I clear this before testing but of course the page is cached immediately so the page does not reload when the login redirects back to ~/ . I think I need to trigger a reload when redirected form a successful login.

Hi, I'm still stuck with this one although I'm not sure that I am describing the actual issue very well. Basically, the default security and multitenant creates the profile menu as expected but after logging in, it is not refreshing so it appears as if I have not logged in. Also I have some menu items in the sidebar that are only visible when the user is authorized. I may be wrong but it appears that authentication works as expected but the layout components then either fail to re-authenticate or my user authentication is failing. Any tips on how to debug this?