Profile menu functionality

Hi team,

I want to use some functions such as CulturePicker or ThemePicker in the profile menu. The RadzenProfileMenuItem does not keep this kind of child items. The solution seems to be to use RadzenStack or RadzenRow + RadzenColumn. These items are hidden with this approach in the Profile Menu at design time. But it's working well. Is there any other solution for this?

Hi @koksal.basar,

Can you clarify what this means?

I'll try:

The CulturePicker does not work in this concept. Because the RadzenProfileMenuItem does not accept child component and wait for a path directly.

<RadzenProfileMenu Visible="@Security.IsAuthenticated()" Click="@ProfileMenuClick">
         <RadzenProfileMenuItem Path="profile" Icon="settings" Text="Sample Menu" />
         <RadzenProfileMenuItem Text="Language" Icon="language">

I can see it as an item because I used the RadzenProfileMenuItem component on design time but the child component is unaccable from the designer.

If I add the CulturePicker directly (or with Row + Column or Stack) to the ChildContent it works on the page but It can't show on the RadzenProfileMenu component's Items section.

I hope it's clear.