Problems with the menu control

Using the example code that is provided with RadzenMenu which has a RadzenMenu inside of a RadzenCard if I don't set the height in the RadzenCard in the style property, then only the first row of RadzesMenuItems can be selected.
If I set it to 120px then I can select two rows. And presumably if I set it to a larger number, I could select still more. Otherwise, when I hover over the item, it does not get highlighted and cannot be selected.
However, I don't want the menu area to have to be the height of the menuItem with the most children.

What do I need to do to enable the lower menu items to be selected without setting the style for the RadzenCard height to a large number?

And if it matters, I am using events for navigation because I have a single page application in reality though it appears otherwise to the user.

thank you

The RadzenCard is "clipping" its children. You don't need one around your menu though. Just use the Menu without a RadzenCard.


I have the same issue here. I have the menu on the header (top), but subitems are not accessible. Actually, they appear under the main container and are not accessible. I tried multiple scenarios, using cards, header, or even directly on the page but always the same. I am looking for a way to have a "minimalistic" menu for mobile use and I thought this would be perfect, but I need your help to figure this out.




Try this link

Use a margin for spacing between them.
And the menu should use the infoi id.

Thanks for the hints Daniel, I set the header position to "relative" and all is now good!!

Hi. I've got a similar problem to BillyBob. My RadzenMenu is dynamically created into a loop in a table. My problem is when click on any, the "down arrow" of the below RadzenMenu is still visible instead of keep under the RadzenMenuItems list.

<table class="table">
                        @foreach (var file in files)

                                <td>@file.Size b</td> <td>

                                <RadzenMenu >
                                    <RadzenMenuItem >
                                        <RadzenMenuItem Text="Buttons" Path="buttons" Icon="account_circle" ></RadzenMenuItem>
                                        <RadzenMenuItem Text="Menu" Path="menu" Icon="line_weight" ></RadzenMenuItem>
                                        <RadzenMenuItem Text="FileInput" Path="fileinput" Icon="attach_file" ></RadzenMenuItem>
                                        <RadzenMenuItem Text="Dialog" Path="dialog" Icon="perm_media" ></RadzenMenuItem>
                                        <RadzenMenuItem Text="Notification" Path="notification" Icon="announcement" ></RadzenMenuItem>




Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Same issue with RadzenProfileMenu.