Problems with MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server (Performance?!)

I've just installed Radzen and have some problems with MySQL and MSSQL:

When I start the project, the content of the CRUD page is never loaded in the browser.
The loading symbol is permanently displayed.

Once a MSSQL database is connected, I can not create any pages. If I choose a template and click "Next", nothing happens. 30 minutes later I can enter a page name and wait another 30 minutes until I can click on "Next" again.

  • I do not have any of these problems with the Sample ODATA service.
  • All databases are installed locally, as well as Radzen (localhost)
  • With other applications I have no problems accessing the databases
  • There is the latest version of Radzen installed.

I hope someone can help.

Thank you very much.

Most probably there is an exception. You can check Radzen log file: