Problem with RadzenPanelMenu

Problems with Panel from version 4.25.0
Hello since RadzenBlazor version 4.25.0 we have had problems with navigation.
The navigation closes when I select a menu item like in the screenshot below.
2024-02-23 11_44_51-Benutzerliste
Even if I open the navigation item it is shown as not active.
2024-02-23 11_45_06-Benutzerliste
I manually upgraded RadzenBlazor to version 4.24.7 and this problem doesn't occur here. Everything works as it should.

The problem only occurs with the 4.25.0 upgrade. Could this be ahead?

Interesting if I choose from RadzenPanelMenuItem here:
<RadzenPanelMenuItem Text="Home" Path="/index" Icon="home_work" />
because I change Path to Path="/" and also the index.razor page accordingly. Everything works as it should again.

Thanks for the report @LMGeds! It will be fixed in our next update later today.

Thank you for the latest update to version 4.25.6.
The problem with Path="/index" in the PanelMenu has disappeared.
But I have now seen that we have the same problems with pages with integrated layouts:

@layout RoleMgmtLayout

If I use a different layout the same problem occurs. Only when I insert the comment does PanelMenu work again.

@*@layout RoleMgmtLayout*@

Not sure that this is relevant. If you have Radzen Blazor Studio subscription you can send us an example application reproducing the problem at

Hello, no we do not use Radzen Blazor Studio.
Here are examples from us:
With @layout RoleMgmtLayout

And without @layout RoleMgmtLayout