Problem with page properties


When I define page properties when load

An then try to use them in a change event then they are not in the drop down and the name of the first one is wrong! What are I'm doing wrong?

Unfortunately this is the first time we see this problem. Does it happen in all pages or just this one? Does it work if you just type the name of the property?

If a type the name then I will get an error when a click run. Now when I open the project SelectedBoatName and SelectedBoatId gone. Now I have added SelectedBoatId and now I can see it when a work with events on dropdown

I have added a list of properties and the show up in the change event for the dropdown.

But when I hit Run i will get a message saying

I can't find that fin where I'm using that property, I hade one with that name but that one is removed

Link to a zip-file with the c# code

You are invoking the method getSearchBoatsSps and passing ${search} as a parameter hence the error. It should probably be ${searchString}.