Problem submitting a new form

I seem to be having a problem with an Add form. It was working at one point but now something has changed. There is an error about an Invalid Model State in the server side. I've attached a screenshot. How do I go about fixing this?

Please check if there is a server-side error in the request response. You can also debug the .NET Core app using Visual Studio Code:

I'm getting the same error. through Visual Studio code when setting a breakpoint for the controller on the ModelState validation check.

Please check using the debugger what errors you have in the ModelState

The error it gives is "Cannot convert the literal ‘0’ to the expected type ‘Edm.String’

The only thing that I believe has changed on the form was that I added a FileInput control under a new tab section and bound it to a new field (varchar(MAX)) in my database. I have re-inferred the database and included the new field.

It looks as if incorrect data is posted to the server - the number literal 0 is posted for a property that is a string. Can you post a screenshot showing the payload of the HTTP request that is POST -ed when you save the form? You can check the Browser’s network tab - the POST request should contain the form data in JSON format.

Is this what you were looking for?

This is the request! Can you also show us the first tab - Headers? The JSON payload should be at the very bottom.

Here is the payload.

It looks as if some of those properties whose value is 0 is specified as a String in the corresponding C# class. You can check if there is a mismatch of the property types. If you changed a DB column type you have to infer the database in Radzen so it generates the right code.

So I see the issue. Deal_Term_Sales should be Deal_Terms_Sales. I validated that the edit form payload is correct and functions fine. I have also inferred the database but no change. How do I set that?

found it. Thanks. I had a typo in my Property set Statement for default values on page load.