Possible bug with Chart Legend

So I have an issue that is causing a chart to misbehave. Without a legend the chart works fine. I may be doing something wrong but it feels like a bug to me.

Original Chart Setup

Working Chart

Add a Legend

Broken Chart

What is the data you are binding this chart to? We would like to try reproducing the problem at our side.

This is based on a view in the database. It has 4 columns, MonthName, MonthNum, OrderYear, and SalesTotal.

I tried with some dummy data and ended up with the following results:

Design time:

Run time:

What is different in your case? Have you set the Width and Height of the Chart? Can you send me the JSON of the page that contains the Chart?

Also here is my test application chart-legend.zip (3.5 KB). Unzip it somewhere and then use the Import button in Radzen to open it.

Here is the json file. I'm not sure what is different. I went through each component and all of them have a calculated width and height. The chart seems to disappear in Radzen when I check Legend, before I even run the app.

dashboard.zip (1.3 KB)

I took a couple screenshots to show what happens.

No Legend

Check Legend

Can you try setting exact Height of the Chart (in pixels)? I think this is causing the problem. We will investigate for a possible fix.

Yes that does resolve the issue if I set it manually.