Possible bug with Blazor DataGrid Paging


When using a RadzenGrid in a razor component, if you add a new row, then cancel (RadzenGrid.CancelEditRow()), the paging at the bottom of the component will become hidden. This can be reproduced on the demo here: https://blazor.radzen.com/datagrid-inline-edit

It's best reproduced if the first thing you do on the page is to add, then cancel. If you go to page 2, then try it, it works fine. Is this a bug?


Thanks for the report @ScottP51! We will do our best to provide fix for this with our next update later this week.

Thank you very much sir!


Hello, I was just wondering what the status on this is? I am experiencing the same issue as @ScottP51. I'm sure I can hack up some javascript to handle this, but I would rather not.


Hey @JBeedlow,

Check if you are using latest version.