Performance Radzen Odata V4 vs Lightswitch Odata V3


I compared the performance of Radzen Odata V4 vs Lightswitch Odata V3.

I queried the same data from a winform client. The bytes received from Odata V4 is 635.327 and Odata V3 is 635.000. The Elapsed Time V4 is 0:00:00.166 and V3 is 0:00:00.052.

I thought that the performance of V4 is better then V3? Maybe I have to change something in radzen to get a better performance?


Maybe you will get better performance with deployed service/application since in this case the assembly will be built in release vs debug.

I already deployed the application to iis server. Is there a setting to deploy the application in release or debug mode?

If the application is deployed from Radzen it will be in release mode.