Passing Parameter: Open Dialog vs Navigate to Page

I start with full generation / scaffolded app in which a RowSelect from a Grid pops up the Edit page in a dialog. My table/entity is Job.

If I change Row Select event to "Navigate to Page" and pass the Parameter the same way, I get an error at run time on the edit page that says the GetJobByJobId(int?) has some invalid arguments.

If I go into the razor.designer.cs and make the following change by adding int.Parse() it works:

        var jobReqGetJobByJobIdResult = await JobReq.GetJobByJobId(int.Parse(JobID));

I would prefer not to override generated code. How can I make this work within Radzen tool?

Thank you.

On the receiving page, I set the Parameter Value as:


and it worked!

Still, I'd like to know why the treatment of parameters being passed to the service is different between open dialog and navigate to page.

Thank you.

Parameters between pages are passed as strings in your browser address bar while dialogs are rendered in the same page (part of the page layout)