Partly blurry UI

Is the issue visible to you on my posted animated gif? You have to click on it so see it unresized, I for an example can not see it in the down-scaled version.

The issue appears only in the marked-red-area, all of the text around it is fine (the first line of the listbox too).

At our side the code looks as in the last attached screenshot in my reply. We tested in on multiple Windows machines and cannot reproduce what you see. I am afraid we don't know what to do from here.

No problem. I only want to be sure that we are talking about the same thing, this is why I asked if you can see it in the animated gif.

Edit: All of the changes you implemented since I started this thread let me think we are talking about 2 different things. The text-rendering changes are much appreciated and definitely make Radzen look prettier. And I really really love nicely rendered fonts. But they are not the bug I am pointing at.

I'm not sure when this happened, but in the latest Radzen build 2.62.4 the narrow (black, rounded) scrollbars are back, and so is the blurry rendering as soon as this fancy new scrollbar appears.

It makes my eyes bleed, can you put the classic scrollbar back in action?

EDIT: the forum-preview makes it look less distracting, open the gif in a new tab to see the full ugliness

This scrollbar styling has been there for ages (according to git logs it was introduced two years ago - even before you started this thread). Still you can try installing an older version to see if it makes a difference. Unfortunately to this date nobody else has reported this issue and we are still not sure what is causing it for you.

The last time I reported this you soon released a version which used the old scrollbars, and this fixed the issue.
I mean these (it's your screenshot from February 2020)

I found out something else, the blurriness seems to only exist when the content gets initially rendered, after I remove the scrollbar through collapsing some elements, the blurriness is gone, and it doesn't come back when i expand the content again.

I checked the git logs again. The styled scrollbar in the event editor was introduced with Radzen 2.43.2 which was released on February 15th 2020 (there were two broken releases before that which are not available for download). The version without styled scrollbars is 2.42.10. So the styled scrollbar have been released for year and a half now (also shown in my post: Partly blurry UI - #18 by korchev and yours). I don't think that it is the styled scrollbars causing the issue because they are included since Februrary 2020. It is probably something else however we don't know what.

That's sad. But thank you for the investigation.

Do you remember what was the last version that was not having this problem? This would allow us to investigate for any changes in the Radzen styling.

Or is there any chance you just haven't noticed it before because of this?

I installed both versions after each other, made a screenshot, made it bigger and made you a gif.
Maybe the problem was there before, but the change in width definitly shows it off (I have no idea how I could test or prove this in another way).

My current workaround is to double-click on the topmost arrow to collapse the whole handler-tree and expand it again to make the problem go away.

How about a totally different approach to the problem?
How about you make the window itself resizeable and remember it's positioning for the future?
And while you're at it please enable drag&drop of handler-window-entries, using these arrows is a pain in the *** if you have more than 3 of them.

Hi @Moo,

We don't plan such features for Radzen 2.x as we are currently developing Radzen 3.0.

If this glitch is such a big showstopper for you then we can refund your last Radzen renewal - just let us know. I am afraid there is nothing else we can do at the moment.

You looked into it, I have a workaround, it's ok like this, thank you.

Will there be a new UX in Radzen 3?

You can check the work in progress here: However Radzen 3.0 will come for Blazor first.

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I found out something new about it:
The problem only seems to appear when the main window isn't maximized.
Here's a screenshot from my main monitor (3440x1440) showing 2 Radzen windows in 2 different sizes.

The width of the window doesn't seem to make a difference, when I set the not-full-screen window to the same width as the maximized one the issue will still trigger.

This is definitely some font scaling problem. Unfortunately I still couldn't reproduce it. I am attaching an equivalent screenshot - both look identical to me.

At least there is a workaround. Does the text unblur if you maximize the window? Or does it stay blurred?

It stays blurred after maximizing the window, the workaround with doubleclicking the Load-arrow-icon works very well in this situation too.

EDIT: I have to redact my statement, it sometimes doesn't stay blurred after maximizing. Also the window-height seems to change something in it too. I will continue to look into it and try to find more conditions under which I can provocate it.