PanelMenu items visibility

I want to set visibility of PanelMenu items based on value in LocalStorage.

I have a class wrapper for the localStorage, import it in layouts ".component.ts" file.

So in the "visible" property of the Item I write the expression:


It went well, until I closed Radzen and reopen my project. Radzen cannot render the PanelMenu in the layout designer.


Any hints for my problem? TIA.

Note: I'm not using any security in my project.

You get this in designer only and it works runtime?

Radzen does not recognize this expression hence the error in design time. It should work runtime though.

Unfortunately it's not. The error message was "items is null" and the PanelMenu not shown.

I am afraid we can't reproduce such a problem. Setting the Visible property seems to work as intended.

After updating Radzen, it's only affecting at design time.

It's ok for me as long as it's fine runtime.

Thanks for the reply.