Panel Menu with different NavLinkMatch

I think we can make Panel Menu with NavLink items more flexible.
If you need to make menu with different NavLinkMatch parameters.
You could set Parameter(bool or enum) in PanelMenu after that we can set Parameter NavLinkMatch in PanelMenuItem.
We already have Parameter NavLinkMatch in PanelMenuItem and we can use it.

For example: we can add Parameter in PanelMenu 'UseLocalMatch' and change method SelectItem in RadzenPanelMenu like this

  void SelectItem(RadzenPanelMenuItem item)
        var selected = ShouldMatch(item.Path,  UseLocalMatch ? item.Match : Match);

A little changes in ShouldMatch

bool ShouldMatch(string url, NavLinkMatch match)
        if (match == NavLinkMatch.Prefix
            && IsStrictlyPrefixWithSeparator(currentAbsoluteUrl, absoluteUrl))
            return true;

        return false;