Page Not Found on Export in Azure Production Environment

Hi, I am having issue on Export feature in Production environment. The export to Excel feature work on my local development, but when it published in Azure production environment. The export button giving me "Page Not Found" error. This issue only happen with Blazor WebAsssembly project app. It work on a server-side project app with the same dataset. Help Please! Thanks.

Post probably the export controllers are part of the deployed application.

Hi, I think I kind of make it work by F12 into development tools and manually delete Cache Storage. But it will not work again after new redeployed. It is still caching the old deployment. Yes it will work if I manually delete the cache storage again. The issue is now is that I cannot ask my client to manual delete cache on every redeployment. Is there a way to programmatically delete the cache storage on each release? Thanks you.

We are not aware if this is possible. Deployment is at your premises.