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Hi Radzen team,
I have not been able to identify exact cause to date but something causes the authentication to revert back to Authenticated on ALL pages.
This is a sample page

after re-infering data source, opening security page and reruning the app several pages have reverted to

Checking source differences shows all pages that were Admin access only have reverted to Authenticated
Only the access property has been updated.

Any ideas?

Are you replacing the existing pages during infer or you just infer the data source?

Hi @enchev,
Not replacing any existing pages.

Hi @enchev,
Just reverted all files and repeated test.
It occurs after amending the the SMTP Server user name on security screen then press save.
After save access is updated.

Hmm... I see. Editing security settings will replace indeed page access for all application pages.

Hi @enchev,
Ok thanks. Is it possible to check if it already contains a valid role before updating else a standard user could access admin pages?

Maybe we can even expose an option to tell if the page access should be replaced or not. We will do our best to include it in our first release for 2020 (the week after January 6)

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Hi @enchev,
Thank you.

Hi @enchev,
FYI saving Application settings screen also seems to exhibit the same issue with access being reset to Authenticated

Indeed. We will address both issues with the next Radzen release.

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Hi Radzen,
Did this issue get resolved as I am still seeing the same issue with Angular version 2.51.3. e.g. Pages set to Everybody are reset to authenticated when settings saved.

Hi @mumfie,

Indeed the fix won't work when a page had 'Everybody' as access. We will address that with the next release.

Hi @korchev, Okay not a problem but it's easy to overlook restoring the field after changing settings.