Offline First

May we respectfully congratulate your team for a great tool and a pretty responsive support system. We look forward to being Enterprise Clients as soon as Radzen is able to handle a few critical requirements current toolsets already deliver, in order to justify the immediate switch.

A potential client is considering a mobile app for which Offline-First Capability is a critical functional requirement.

Is there any chance that the Radzen team may consider achieving a quick win of offline-first capability by enabling integration of Offline-Sync capable Open Source Databases like Realm? (At least it's a preferred alternative to CouchBase Mobile for many obvious reasons, price inclusive).

Alternatively, VistaDB a 100% SQL Server Compatible, Runtime Royalty Free, C#. NET, 100% T-SQL Queryable, embedded, PC & Mobile - Ready Database with a distribution size of less than 1MB which also seamlessly upscales to SQL Server ( is worthy of being looked into.

Whilst I understand that the (yet to be released) Blazor client-side supports offline and better scalability. It's critical to know if the Offline-First / Offline-Sync mode is being seriously considered as every serious Enterprise development tool eg InstantDeveloper etc all have this critical capability out of the box.

It will move Blazor apps quickly into the big league.
Many thanks.



I’m afraid that there is no quick win for offline-first especially with data sync to requested database types. It will take months for sure and we have other important features planned. You can check our roadmap in your other thread.