Odd functionality on datepicker

I'm not sure, but there seems to be an odd functionality issue with the time component of the date picker. If I used the up/down buttons to choose the hour and I get to 12 (either am or pm) it won't go to 1 and I have to click the up/down buttons on AM/PM multiple times to get the AM/PM to change. Example. If it's 10am and I click up to 12, it does not go to 1PM and if even if I click the AM/PM buttons (I have to click at least twice to get it to move) I have to go down to 1, not up. I personally can get around it, but get a lot of complaints from my users. Any way to adjust this functionality?

Hi @daveg1466,

I was able to replicate the behavior and we will do our best to include fix for this in our next update early next week.

Thank you for the quick response!

This is the same problem I am discussing in another thread...

The issue from this thread was fixed as reported:

Lets continue in your other thread. I’ll try to replicate the problem using the instructions from this thread as well.