Odd behavior with Edit Template

Hi All,

I have noticed odd behavior when customizing a template defined as part of a standard grid page layout. As part of this template I have included a card and am customizing this layout using the HTML tool. This allows the inclusion of various properties relating to the data available. However, when I include these elements, for example:

(html element contains "Irrigated Hectares : ${data.IrrigatedHectares}")

I get the following message on the main page:

If I then delete this HTML object from the template, then the main page is once again displayed without this error message in the Radzen editor:

If I run the application with the edit in place (ie the main page in the Radzen editor is showing the error above), the selected data displays without issue, and the built application appears to be fine. On occasion I have been able to include an HTML element without the above error above message appearing (i.e. the editor and application work correctly).

Is this a feature or am I doing something wrong here?

Many thanks,