Odata security not enabled

I'm trying to create a database with security. I got it setup but notice that you can call the odata api's (not sure if api is the right term) and bypass all the user security. i am using radzen blazor studio version 1.5.2 with .net 7, web assembly. I found this page

talking about how "By default the OData controllers are not decorated with the Authorize attribute. You can decorate them by using a partial class:"

i've been trying to add this code for a while now and can't get it to work. im very new to blazor and c# and i am not sure have been trying to implement where i am supposed to put this code. i would want this to apply globally. i've tried putting it in program.cs and also creating a new class file, and even putting it in the associated controller but nothing works. This is a default radzen project with just a simple db and security setup though the gui, i haven't modified any of the other code.

i would also like to inquire why its setup to not be decorated by default. I would think that if you want to setup security that you want not want to have such an easy way to bypass it available by default. At least if a on\off checkbox could be added to the security screen that would be nice.

You can check this help article (the one you have linked is not for Radzen Blazor Studio).

Now that i have the controllers secured is there a way to access them externally i.e. authenticate pragmatically for example with postman.