Numeric field (18,3) mapping to Number field decimal issue

Just starting out with Radzen (using the Blazor application) and I have just created a sample table in SQL Server to test various field types. Currently all seems to work OK, however I noticed that when Radzen maps a SQL Server Numeric (18,3) or Decimal (18,3) field to a Blazor Number I cannot enter decimal values when running the application. Is this a known issue? Any solution available?

Issue confirmed! Fix will be released later today!

Thanks for the fast response. I look forward to the new release.

We’ve just released Radzen update with fix for this included.

I've just published Radzen to NuGet (1.1.7) with fix for the other issue with tinyint and bigint.

Thanks. I will test this out tomorrow and send you some feedback then.

All fixed. Thanks again.