Notification not working with .net8?

I have just created a new project from the .net 8 "Blazor Web App" template using ServerSide only. Just followed steps described here but no chance, Notifications are not fired.
Same I have done using .net7 with exactly same steps described here and it works perfectly fine. Is there an issue with .net 8 or breaking change? I can provide repro if needed but as I said I have followed standard steps without changing in the the default template

Check this thread:

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Thanks for quick response. This make sense. So it means that we have to wait until MS releases a full release of .net 8 because making working in Radzen components is expensive and makes no sense in case they change it again. So it is better to stick with .net 7 for a while more.

Hello, I have also created a project in Blazor 8 and, indeed, the notifications or dialogs using the Radzem component do not work, the rendering mode is for the page and components is @attribute [RenderModeInteractiveServer], I understand that the Radzen components (notification, dialog) they still do not work with blazor net 8.

No, they work. Check the thread linked in my previous reply.

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Also check this Multiple declarations of Radzen services needed for .net 8 RC1 render modes - #2 by korchev

thank you.
solving by applying render mode to the component, it's really necessary and I didn't realize

<RadzenDialog @rendermode="RenderMode.InteractiveServer"></RadzenDialog>
<RadzenNotification @rendermode="RenderMode.InteractiveServer"></RadzenNotification>

I also found dropdown list not showing if the mode is not set interactive in .NET 8

after 3 hours try and error

so I set this globally in App.Razor Routes @rendermode="RenderMode.InteractiveServer"


Nothing interactive will work by default in .NET 8 - checking our getting started page will save your time.