Northwind Demo not working


I wanted to try the NorthwindBlazor demo app from radzen-examples/NorthwindBlazor at master · radzenhq/radzen-examples ( and therefore installed the Northwind DB in my local SQL Express Server. Then I imported the above project into Radzen and updated the database settings.

When I hit "Start", it gives me an error because of:

"error CS0029: The type "byte[]" cannot be implicitly converted to "string".

For several screens related to categories and employees. I looks like to cannot handle the "picture" property in the right way.

Has there been a change to Radzen that is not reflected in the demo source code or what is the cause for this problem?

Thanks for your help!

Yes, this demo is old and not generated with the latest Radzen. The latest official version will not generate any editor for byte[] properties.

Ah, ok. However, I found this demo on one of your sites: Northwind ( - it is a much more sophisticated Northwind demo than the one stated above. But the source code link seems to direct to the same (old) source. Is that new demo also made with Radzen and where can I download the demo's source code?

Thanks a lot!

This demo is actually our old Angular demo for Northwind made five years ago, it was replaced later by our CRM tutorial/demo: