Ngsw-worker.js stalled

Can you give me some guidance on this issue?

When I run my angular app in production, I am receiving a console error using chrome debug (shown below.)

I notice my application is not able to load ngsw-worker.js

I do not see ngsw in the file

I'm not sure when this began happening.

The script has an unsupported MIME type ('text/html').
main.e31b33a50b7b70a7c1ac.js:1 ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): SecurityError: Failed to register a ServiceWorker: The script has an unsupported MIME type ('text/html').
at M (polyfills.0e85572bf2fe05cace7b.js:1)
at polyfills.0e85572bf2fe05cace7b.js:1
at polyfills.0e85572bf2fe05cace7b.js:1
at t.invoke (polyfills.0e85572bf2fe05cace7b.js:1)
at Object.onInvoke (main.e31b33a50b7b70a7c1ac.js:1)
at t.invoke (polyfills.0e85572bf2fe05cace7b.js:1)
at (polyfills.0e85572bf2fe05cace7b.js:1)
at polyfills.0e85572bf2fe05cace7b.js:1
at t.invokeTask (polyfills.0e85572bf2fe05cace7b.js:1)
at Object.onInvokeTask (main.e31b33a50b7b70a7c1ac.js:1)

your help is appreciated,

Hi @michael,

We have fixed a similar issue and will release a new version of Radzen soon. Will update this thread when ready.

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The new Radzen version is now live. It should hopefully address that issue.


that fixed it.