New Page Parameter


When I create a new blank page how do I add a new Page Parameter. For example say I want the Page parameter to be called ID Razor definition:
@page "/test/{ID}"

Ho do I get Radzen to create the page parameter. If I set a property to ${parameters.ID} it won't compile I get this error:
dotnet: C:\Temp\Bug\server\Pages\test.razor.designer.cs(79,22): error CS0103: The name 'ID' does not exist in the current context [C:\Temp\Bug\server\BugExample.csproj]

Basically as I created a blank page it has the following Razor definition even after I assign a property to ${parameters.ID}:
@page "/test"

How do I get it to be:
@page "/test/{ID}"


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Hi @Penfold,

Page parameters are generated automatically when you define navigate action with parameter from another page.

Ahh that works better, you have to set a Navigate To with a Parameter for it to be added to the destination page.

Thanks for your help.