Multi-Tenant - OnYourObjectGet abstract method


I think the OnGetXXXX abstract methods available to implement will not work as expected.

Generated code places the abstract call too late

and further, it should allow to add to the query filter as the "OnXXXRead" does.
ie pass in IQueryable so the users TenantId can be added to the filters.

RBS 1.9.0

Looks like you’ve posted this in wrong category in this case (Radzen IDE). In Radzen Blazor Studio you can simply edit the code fit your needs.

Oh, dam sorry about the wrong category!

Yes understand I can change any code.

I was merely suggesting that the way the code is generated now could be enhanced assuming the purpose of the code was to allow multi-tenant type apps to set a filter.

Best wishes,

Hi John,

You are right! It will be much better to provide a partial method with the actual IQueryable with ability to add additional filters. We will do our best to extend our templates for the next update!

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