MouseEnter event does not always fire

I'm also running into a similar issue as mentioned here: Button MouseEnter not working when changing Visible State

but when used with a RadzenIcon within a RadzenGridColumn of a RadzenGrid.

Here is my code:

 <RadzenIcon Icon="info" Style="vertical-align: middle" Visible="IsVisible"
                                                        MouseEnter="@(args => ShowTooltip(args, new TooltipOptions(){
                                                                          Position = TooltipPosition.Right,
                                                                          Style = "color:#000; font-size:90%",
                                                                          Text = string.Join(", ", @data.Name, @data.Team),
                                                                          Duration = 5000 }))">

The issue is that the MouseEnter event does not fire consistently when toggling with Visible, i.e., the Tooltip is displayed on MouseEnter only for some rows in the Datagrid but not others. However, as @codep mentioned in the quoted post, it works fine when the Visible property is set to "true". Any idea why this is so?

I also tried upgrading to the latest version 2.16.3 that was released about a day ago, but still see the same behavior.

Any insights or workarounds are appreciated. TIA!