Most recent software update

Has anyone else mentioned any issues with the most recent Radzen update. All of my blazor server side projects are having a problem rendering the dropdown list box in design view. The error states that more than one sibling of component Radzen.Blazor.RadzenDropDownItem 1[System.Objec] has the same key value, State1, Key values must be unique. In other cases, the error in the dropdown component says a different

The issue most probably was caused by this change:

We might need to revert it and to release update - I’ll write more info here when ready. In the meantime you can downgrade to the previous version from our changelog:

Thanks for your help. Appreciate it.

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The issue is fixed and the fix will be part of our next update before the end of the week.

Updates of Radzen.Blazor and Radzen just published with this issue fixed.