Most of the PageLoad Events are gone

Hello Radzen team,
on the most pages of my app the pageLoad Event is gone!
I think it happened after i infer the schema after i have renamed a field in the database in one table.

What can i do to get them back?

Kind Regards

Hi Thomas,

Only no longer valid data-source method calls will be removed after schema re-infer. I've just re-inferred our Sample data-source with renamed field in Products table however everything worked as expected:

If you delete the data-source however all data-source method calls will be removed from all events in your application. In this case if your app is under source control you can easily restore the previous (correct) state.

Best Regards,

Hi Vladimir,
im sure that i never deleted the Datasource. When this happens all of the pageload events are deleted i think. But here only most (around 90%) page load events are gone.

Sure the app is under source control so its not a critical situation. But its a bad feeling that this can happen.
one question… here i observe that the “server\controler\wastedata” and the server\model\wastedata folders are sometimes vanishes. When i run the app in designer they reappear. Is that correct? At this time i dont know when they are vanishing. I try to find this out.