Missing DbSet parameterization in GetXById

Hello Radzen Team!

Radzen does not include related tables in the DbSet from the GetXById methods.

Could there be another partial method right before setting the item (e.g. var item = items.FirstOrDefault();), to allow including related tables?

Something like this:

Not sure why the related properties are not included in your case. Here is how it looks usually (our Sample database):

Then it might be a bug. For me no related tables were being included. I was doing it manually from day one.

I have tried deleting the DataSource and adding a new one, and the problem persists. Here's how a sample table looks in MySQL Workbench.

And here's my DataSource setup.

Also I checked and SiSawService is not in the code generation ignore list.

Event tough it's not in the GetXById, the related tables are included in the delete method:

The parent property is included correctly, the children property is missing. (e.g. brand has many models, model has one brand)