Misaligned page content with some themes

I have encountered an issue with some application themes where the menu and page content become
misaligned. I have attached a document that outlines the steps. Any ideas ?


Themes.zip (348.7 KB)

A related issue is the disabling of the file upload upload and cancel buttons.

With the default theme #1 it is not obvious the buttons are disabled but if theme is changed to Teal it is.

The first issue would happen if you have an older version of the Radzen components. If there is a client\node_modules directory in your application you can delete it.

We will style the upload buttons to look disabled in one of our future releases.

Its a brand new application and no nodes_folder exists within the app folder structure

Thanks. We will investigate and report our findings.


Found the cause of it and will release a hotfix version tomorrow! Thank you for reporting the problem.

Thanks korchev,
I can confirm the new version fixes both of the issues I reported above.
Have a good christmas break.