Manual Deployment issue


I am trying to deploy my project using manual deployment. I got the following error:

ERROR in : Cannot determine the module for class 出力制御スケジュールComponent in /Users/jenle/WebRAD20190826/client/src/app/出力制御スケジュール/出力制御スケジュール.component.ts! Add 出力制御スケジュールComponent to the NgModule to fix it.

I don't understand that this project can work properly during the development stage. Do I miss any configuration ? Or, How can I fix this issue ?

Because , I don't know what the real issue is.

Can anyone know how to solve this issue ?


Paul Wang

This error happens if there are extra files in the application directory (sometimes this could happen after deleting or renaming pages in Radzen). Deleting those extra files should solve the build error.

The difference between development and manual production build is the --prod switch which performs a more rigorous check during compilation (hence the error). Development builds don't use that switch as the build tends to get a lot slower.

Hi korchev,

How can I know which files are extra under the application directory ?

They are mentioned in the error message.

Hi korchev,
I found what the issue was caused by.
The problem is this Japanese String -- > 出力制御スケジュール. I change it to "出力制御日程表".
Now,I can deploy it successfully.

How can I avoid this Language issue, again ?

I am afraid I don't know why the page name could cause such an issue. Radzen creates Angular components from pages and as such the page name gets normalized to be a valid JavaScript identifier (Angular components are JavaScript classes).