Manual Deploy - Generating from mac

When I use manual deploy on mac,
after running the following command

./node_modules/.bin/ng build --prod

It seems not to take in consideration any set values in the


So when the dist folder is created, the client js bundle still has the localhost:5000 setting.

Please review


Hi @Jose_Carrillo,

The behaviour you are describing is indeed not normal. The --prod options enables production mode which should take into account. Just in case I tested it again with a simple application. The values from the production environment were used in the final bundle in the dist directory.

What version of the ng tool are you using? You can check this by running ./node_modules/.bin/ng --version. If the problem persists you can send us your application at

Hi Atanas
It seems the issue was gone. I have been able to make a successful deploy.

Thank you