Make a DatagridRow draggable using Blazor Drag and Drop

How do I make each row in my datagrid draggable? I have used this project in mine, and I can wrap a column or the entire grid in the Dragable component just fine, but how do I do the same for only one row at a time? Here is my grid and the Draggable component:

        <RadzenDataGrid Data="@FilteredList"    TItem="CustomerDTO" >

< RadzenDataGridColumn Filterable="false" TItem="CustomerDTO" Property="Name" Title="Name">

                <Draggable Data="data">


    <RadzenDataGridColumn   Filterable="false" TItem="CustomerDTO" Property="Type" Title="Type">

< Draggable Data="data">
< Template>


Since Grids don't use the RadzenDataGridRow component, how do i wrap the Draggable component around only that component?

I don't think that wrapping rows in Draggable is possible since they are created programmatically.

yeah, I expected so, unfortunately