Maintain same size for all tabs


I have a dialog (page) that has no specific height set. On that dialog I use a Tab control. The tabs contain different controls and therefore have different heights.

When I now switch the tabs, the height of the dialog "jumps" since each time a new tab is selected, the height of the dialog is adjusted to the height ob the current tab plus the rest of the dialog's control outside the tab.

Is there a way to make the tab control to keep it's height without setting an explicit height value for the tabs or the entire dialog?

A good behaviour would be if selecting a tab can increase the height of the dialog but not decrease it, or even better, if the dialog gets the height from the largest tab on load. This way, the dialog height would not change any more when switching tabs.

Any ideas how this can be done?


No this isn't possible without setting the height of the dialog or the tab.