Lookup, lookuppopup event.property


I put one lookuppopup control in form which is catching data from table columns
(UnitId, UnitName).

I put UnitName as TextProperty and UnitId as ValueProperty.

Now, i want to save both parameters into second table which also contains of UnitId and UnitName.

I tried to put inside blank textbox (on change event) ${event.property}, but i got only "UnitName" not selected text.

Can somebody help with solution ?


Hi @Veljko_Dudukovic,

Not sure what you are trying to achieve but you probably need ${event.value} - it is the value of the property that changed.



I have two tables

Table1 with Id, UnitId, UnitName columns with values (1,1,L) or (2,2,KG)

From this table i am putting into lookup UnitName as TextProperty (L,KG) and UnitId as ValueProperty (1,2)

Now i also have table2 with columns Id, UnitId, UnitName etc.

I want to put into table2 selected TextProperty into table2.UnitName and ValueProperty into table2.UnitId

Something like ComboBox with selected value or index.

Thanks !

You can probably do that by converting the form to a TemplateForm and handling the Change event of the DropDown. The ${event} will be the whole selected item.


From this case, i am trying to archive ${event.value} in one column and TextProperty in the second one if it is possible.

Something like SelectedIndex and SelectedValue from spinner or combobox.


TextProperty = UnitName (L,KG)
ValueProperty = UnitId (1,2)

When i choose (L) from lookup, i want to

L goes into textbox1
1 goes into textbox2

So that i would like to save into database.