Looking for howto on RadzenAccordionItem and RadzenTreeItem


I am trying to use the RadzenAccordion but simply can't figure out a way to insert AccordionItems under root items. I don't see any template property available or else. I went through all available documentation witout success.

I would like to create main categories as Accordion items (typed in), and then detail items under each categories; these would come from database. Somehow like in the demo https://blazor.radzen.com/accordion , but have a list of items instead of "Details for xxx".

Thanks for your help!


Hi @BillyBob,

The RadzenAccordion does not support hierarchy of items. It's purpose is different - to display collapsible sections with content. The content is specified within the item itself:

<RadzenAccordionItem Text="Item">
   Some content even other components <RadzenTextBox />

Thanks for the info. This is exaclty what I would like to do, but I don't see anything in the Radzen interface (accordion properties) that would let me add content within a section.. Or is it doable only directly in code?

You can drag & drop a component from the toolbox:

Just need to check the Selected property of the item beforehand.

So cool!!! Both responses just make my day, thansk a lot! :slight_smile: