Listbox binding not working


I'm new to blazor and Radzen, so this might be me not understanding the concepts in full :slight_smile:

I have a listbox populated with data, and i'm trying to bind the selected value to the one in my report object.

It doesn't show the selected value

this is how i'm using it:

<RadzenListBox @bind-Value="@_report.Rekvirent.Name" Data="@_rekvirentDtos" TextProperty="Name" ValueProperty="Name" Change="@(args => Change(args, "ListBox"))" Style="margin-bottom: 20px; height:200px;" />

Hi @Andreas_Nordbek,

Check the output/browser console for errors. Here is also a link to our demo for more info about ListBox value binding:


I got it to work by changing _rekvirentDtos, from a IEnumerable<> to a List<>

best regards